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Bring Coach D's Get F.i.T.T Signature programs to your workplace, condo or apartment complex! Our 50-minute bootcamps are typically held twice a week for four weeks. Our certified instructors will handle everything from set up to sign up!


Our Corporate Wellness programs, designed for your company, will include the following:

Initial Electronic Assessment – This assessment will allow DionneInc CPR and Fitness Training Center (DIONNE INC) to create a baseline for your company. This baseline will include the starting health status, wellness education and fitness levels of all employees individually, and as a group. This baseline will help DIONNE INC customize its sessions, tips and exercise formats for the unique needs of your company.

Semi-Monthly On-Site Sessions – Twice a month, DIONNE INC will conduct an on-site session available to all your employees. The specific session topics and order will be determined after the assessment has been reviewed. The topics will cover concepts relating to:

  • Developing New Behaviors

  • Heart Healthy Living

  • Body Composition Basics

  • Nutritional Fundamentals

  • Exercise Demos/prescriptions

  • Stress Management

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Understanding Lifestyle Illnesses

During the on-site sessions, DIONNE INC will conduct heart rate / weight / body composition assessments for interested employees. Employees will receive a tracking log (physical and electronic) to see their progress.

In addition, DIONNE INC may bring in other professionals / specialists to reinforce various topics.

Ongoing Virtual Support – To maintain momentum between on-site sessions, DIONNE INC will continue to engage with your employees thru various virtual means, such as e-mail, video, web module.   These sessions will help to hold your employees accountable to their stated goals and give them resources to support their journey.   Examples of virtual support include:

  • Fitness Tips

  • Recipes

  • Articles

  • Logs / Tracking Sheets

  • Motivational Messages

  • Exercises

1:1 Sessions – As long as your company agrees to contract with DIONNE INC for a period of at least 9 months, DIONNE INC can offer your employees a 20 minute private session to review specific wellness goals and challenges. These sessions will be scheduled on the days of the on-site workshops.

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